We keep our word.

At Social Betty, we work closely with our clients to achieve social media success, including increasing sales, driving web traffic, and building brand awareness. We’re social media experts and we’ve helped many businesses enhance their online presence.

We know you work hard at running your business. Therefore, you may want to know what to expect when signing up (and paying!) for a social media management service. Here’s what you can expect when we manage your social media efforts:

Industry Specific Postings

We pay attention to what is important in your industry, then we curate and share the right type of content that will enhance the reputation of your brand, develop stronger relationships with your customers and influence their purchase loyalty and online support.


We’ll keep your customers engaged while maximizing the value of your existing network. With the right content marketing strategy, your company and products will be kept top of mind with your current customers and create the potential to reach new consumers.

Strategy development

In order to effectively reach and engage modern consumers on social media, it is absolutely imperative that your brand has a strong social media marketing strategy. This includes establishing an online personality, or voice, with the same consistency as your other marketing communications.We develop your social media and ad strategy in line with the agreed-upon goals in order to deliver effective campaigns.

Monthly reports

Monitoring your social media analytics can make the difference between the success or failure of your online brand. See exactly what we’re achieving with our comprehensive monthly reports. If we are running social media campaigns for your brand, rest assured we will keep you up to date on its online traction, providing insights for each campaign and recommending any strategic changes along the way.

Interested in having Social Betty manage your social media marketing efforts?