You have dreamed (dreaded?) of getting on social media since your company was a little baby company, but you just haven’t been able to wrap your head around how.  Now you want Betty to do it for you, which she is SO happy to do!), but before you neglect that page completely, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind!

Betty says: Share. “We’ve all been taught to share with our friends since we were small children. Well, some things never change, and this is one of those things.  We will post the content to your page, but we want you to share it to your personal page!  Also, if you could encourage your employees to share and like the material that is posted, too, that would be amazing! Your employees can be your brand’s greatest ambassadors!

Betty says: Provide great customer service. “As a savvy business owner, you know great customer service can make or break a company. Make a customer happy and they are more likely to come back and establish a loyalty to your brand. But it doesn’t stop there… these happy customers will also be your best brand ambassadors by giving you free word-of-mouth advertising. That’s the best advocacy you can ask for! So while you know you provide great customer service within your business, why not extend that to your social media outlets!”

Betty says: Respond to every engagement possible.  “I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Engagement is the whole point of social media- seriously!  You want people to like your page, read your updates, click on your links, consume, comment, share your content, etc.  This is exactly why you should treat every comment, like, mention, or share like gold–especially in the early days of your business’ social media growth.

Did someone congratulate you for an award you won? Thank them.

Did someone share your post? Thank them.

Did someone share their experience at your business in response to your post?  Thank them and then, even if their experience wasn’t 100% positive, acknowledge their point of view.

Why should you do this?  Well, besides the fact that it is important to engage (remember engagement is the whole point of social media), every time you like or comment in response to your virtual community, you draw their attention back to your page again, thus creating a better chance your post will show up in your follower’s feeds (trust me, you want this!).   Finally, engagement is the key to overcoming that super complicated, and often frustrating, Facebook algorithm that often prevents business posts from showing up in people’s new feed.”

Betty says: Don’t share too much. “Be very careful of the things you share and PLEASE don’t share too much information. No one needs to know how your business feels about politics or sensitive issues.  Airing “dirty laundry” or being too vocal on touchy subjects could potentially destroy the social media presence you worked so hard to build.”

Betty says: DON’T lose your cool. “This is about as big of a NO NO as it gets. It is SO easy to be offended at something someone says about your business, but businesses who lose their cool on social media look REALLY bad.   While those irate, foul-mouthed, or downright mean customers can really be frustrating,  set aside your personal feelings and always respond in a professional capacity.  Acknowledge the customer’s issue, apologize for the inconvenience caused (even if it wasn’t your fault!), and quickly take the conversation offline if need be.  After all, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!”

Betty says: Don’t ignore comments. ” Just like you need to respond positively to negative comments, you also need to engage with ALL comments.  Remember when I said it is vital to engage with your customers?  I meant it! With no engagement, customers can feel as if you don’t care about their question, comment or concern. This all goes back to customer service. Use commenting as an opportunity to interact with your followers and show them how you address all situations!”

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