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Content: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Is content a businesses best friend or worst enemy?  It depends… First, a little on content.

What exactly is content? All day long, I speak with clients who claim they have “content” on their site, but when I look at their site, all I see is mass produced blurbs of text.

Well written? No.

Thought out?  Not really.

Helping their marketing efforts? Certainly not.

So why do these folks think they have content??  Because, to the average business owner, content means words.  Words on a page = content.  Let me (hopefully not) be the first to tell you, words on a page does NOT = content. (Well technically it does, but that’s not what this article is about…)


People.  Content should sell.  Content should evoke emotion.  Whether it makes someone want to click the buy now button or continue reading, your content needs to prompt the reader to DO SOMETHING.  To be clear, content can consist of written work, videos, podcasts, infographics, images, etc…  Any and all of these can and should be used to get your marketing message across.

What’s that you say? You don’t know how to create videos and podcasts and you can’t afford a graphic designer to create images and infographics? That’s okay… Start with the written word.

Take that website you have (you do have a website… right?) and go page by page as if you were the consumer.  What are you missing?  What could be clarified?  If you had no earthly clue what your business did, what would help you understand?

Now, take some time and craft some paragraphs, headlines, and taglines that will assist your possible client who is confusingly browsing your website in developing a clear understanding of what your business offers. (Word to the wise: unless you are a professional editor or copywriter, have a second pair of eyes look at your work and give you suggestions.  I promise you won’t regret it!)


Keep this in mind: there is NO excuse for crappy content.  Did you run a Facebook promotion that flopped? Blame crappy content.  Are you getting visitors to your site but seeing high bounce rates? Crappy content (or slow load times, but that’s another article…)

Look, what I’m trying to say is that many marketing fails come from crappy content.  Don’t be that guy.

Oh, and if you don’t actually want to write your own content, we’d love to do it for you. Contact us to find out how.

Who is J. Eckmann?

J. Eckmann (or, Jakki) is a content strategist, who specializes in communicating brands through the power of diversified content marketing. Knowing that there is a giant gap between traditional marketing and current digital marketing trends (think SEO), I believe it is imperative to ensure companies bridge that gap! By providing a comprehensive content strategy, it is my goal to show my clients first-hand how content can help them achieve their business goals.

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