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Though we tout ourselves as a social media management company, Social Betty goes beyond the SMM sphere, offering many forms of sales, social media, and content strategy training and consulting depending on the needs of our clients.

Jacquelyn Eckmann – Social Media and Content Strategy Consultant

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Social media and content marketing is more effective than ever, attracting more and more interested clients online. But it’s not as simple as it may seem.  Determining and implementing the right strategy that encompasses the correct branding with the correct messaging (along with learning how to use digital platforms effectively!) is essential to getting your message across.

As a social media and content expert, Jacquelyn Eckmann brings together both expertise and a deep understanding of content marketing in order to create and put into practice the best strategy for your business, increasing your business’s visibility and driving potential clients to your website.  With experience working with both large and small businesses,

Jacquelyn has successfully implemented social and content marketing strategies across many companies, including taking Keller Williams’ largest brokerage, Keller Williams San Antonio, from 0 to over 45k website sessions per month.

Jacquelyn’s expertise in content and social media has given her the opportunity to speak in front of many groups of entrepreneurs and small business owners, training them on how to effectively use both content and social media to effectively generate brand awareness, more leads, prospects, and clients.

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Chris Eckmann – Sales Consultant

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Social Betty helps companies reach more prospects, build more pipeline, and close more deals. By combining the best methods, the boldest thinking, and deepest know-how, we’ve increased sales organizations’ opportunity acceptance rates from 40% to 90% and grown companies’ pipelines a combined total of nearly $1 billion.
Social Betty’s executive sales consultant, Christopher (Chris) Eckmann, is an expert in sales consulting. Providing our clients with the most effective and efficient approach to improve sales, Chris drills down to understand the objectives of sales organizations, along with diagnosing the reality of the situation, and then implements a tried and true program to increase their sales revenue.

We provide many forms of sales consulting depending on the needs of our clients. These include:

  • Helping companies restructure, define or create a sales process
  • Establishing the correct KPIs, strategy, or incentives
  • Designing and implementing operational cadence and command
  • Providing sales organizations with prospecting best practices
  • Designing programs to enable top sales employees to make a smooth transition into a higher role
  • Developing key measurables within an organization & defining how they should be used
  • Providing consistency in the sales and lead generation approach
  • Writing company sales manuals & sales leadership manuals
  • Establishing the correct approach to recruitment & retention

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