May 6, 2014 admin

Custom Content. It Matters.

Some of the information that would-be clients find about you on the web (how long you’ve been in the business, which listings you have, etc) is completely straightforward.  You can highlight it, but you can’t really change it.

Other information is created by others—reviews, ratings, etc., and frankly, is beyond your control. But, guess what?!   There’s plenty of information you can control and create, and this is what we mean when we say “custom content”: the stuff you write and share that differentiates you and gives prospects a little extra somethin’ to go on when they’re considering whether or not to hire you.

Now before you go off writing content willy-nilly, understand that  it’s not just about creating content: it’s about creating superior content.  After all, the increase in availability when it comes to providing excellent information also means an increase in noise.

Think of it this way: years ago, your potential clients only had a few options. Today, they have seemingly unlimited options. So how do you make yourself heard? By producing content that’s better, more engaging, and more informative than the other guy’s.

Not sure where to begin?  We are pretty good at this stuff… You should let us help you. 😉

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