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Analysis Paralysis: Is it Affecting Your Marketing?

Many real estate agents suffer from “analysis paralysis” when attempting to launch a social media program.

Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is “the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.”

Agents often over think their social media and content efforts, spread themselves too thin by signing up for every service available, developing an over zealous content calendar, and then realize that they spend more time managing their social media accounts than their real estate business.

What happens then is sad.  Abandonment.  All those social media accounts, all that time, then…. silence due to the abandonment of social media and content efforts.

Seem familiar?

If so, here’s what we suggest:

  • Get a dedicated social media professional to post to social media channels using custom content and campaigns
  • Grow your audience with promoted posts, ads, and audience targeting so that every time you post you drive more business.

But wait…. Another common problem that we hear LITERALLY All.  The.  Time.  (OK, not really literally…) is that our clients abandon their social media because they don’t have anything interesting to share.

While that may seem true, analytics are a friend of ours and we know what people like to see.  We also
figure out what the most relevant content in your area is by doing keyword research for your farm or area of service.  Trust us when we say this is a tremendous help!

You see, the key to a successful social media marketing program is to share valuable information with an audience who can benefit from that information. For real estate agents, blogging and social media go hand in hand.

How do we know it works? We are crazy about analytics. We track performance and show you what that performance looks like. You, in turn, get monthly performance reports to indicate your growth and how your campaigns are performing.  And trust us, you WILL perform well with our help.

By consistently posting high-value, relevant content on your website and/ or social media networks, our analytics have proven that we are setting you apart from the other agents in your area, allowing you to own your market.  Like a boss.


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