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Think You Don’t Need Social Media? These Stats Will Prove You Wrong

We’ve all been told that Social media is no longer a decorative “nice to have”, but a core pillar to business marketing success. It can differentiate agents in their own market… plus the value of targeting through ads on social media is incredible.

All the social media gurus talk about how important it is to post regularly. And statistics typically show that using images increases engagement as well. In fact, the real estate industry was tops in posting content and images and the like….  But, after months (years??) of effort, you still aren’t getting any results!   Likely it’s because you’re not posting the right things.  But don’t give up!  Before you quit, or decide not to start, keep these stats in mind:



  • 9 of 10 home buyers rely on the Internet as their primary research source
  • 52% turn to the web as their first step
  • 70% of customers prefer to get information about a company from content rather than ads
  • 60% of buyers Google their agent
  • Social Media, Blogs, and SEO are among the most important inbound channels


  • Only 12% of Realtors have a Real Estate blog
  • 49% of Realtors use technology to stay competitive with other Realtors


Seems like you may have an opportunity here, hmmm?!


BUT SOCIAL BETTY (cue whining) Social media and content are great way to stay top of mind, establish myself as an expert and target potential clients, but it takes so much time!

Shhhhh, we know.

Whether it’s a matter of finding time, getting familiar with the different platforms, or creating and the right content to share, we can help you create and implement social media strategies and curate content to become a valuable resource for your clients and soon to be clients.

Now take a deep breath, know there is help that could be on the way, and call us.  We’ll get it taken care of.  Wink!

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